NBA Second Half Predictions.

With the NBA trade deadline coming and going with absolutely nothing of note happening NBA fans can now look to the second half of the season. As it sits right now there are 4 or 5 real contenders for the Larry O'Brien trophy. LA(not the clippers, goes w/o saying right) Boston, Cleveland, and San Antonio with Orlando having an outside chance, mostly because they have a mutant playing center. One of the most intriguing storylines of the second half will by the MVP race between Kobe and King James(gayest nickname ever, can you imagine if a white guy used that nickname). I can't remember two players playing this well who both play for top teams. There is a good chance that they will not only be considered the two best players in the league, but will both be the top seeds in their respective conferences. Really exciting stuff. All right lets get on with the predictions.

MVP- Lebron James

I must admit i am a huge Kobe fan, so i am pulling for him to win the award. But i really dont see any way in hell he wins mvp. The chance he has is if he say F you to his team the last month of the season and just starts scoring 50 a game(which he can easily do) just so he can win the award. Actually that might happen..... anyways heres my 5 reasons lebron will win
1.Lebron has slight better stats than kobe. Lebron's line is 28, 7, and 7. Kobes is 27.5, 5, 5. Im sure there will be some voters that vote purely on stats.
2.Kobe is a jerk, rapist, and kind of has annoying fake smile/persona. A lot of ex-teammates say they hate him, everyone remembers the rape thing... and i really hate his annoying fake smiling good teammate persona. Kobe, You're cold, calculating, and have a killer instinct that sets you apart from every player in the NBA. Just be you.
3.Lebron has a worse supporting cast. Although lebrons supporting cast doesnt come close to rivaling what kobe had to deal with during what i like to call the smush parker/kwame brown era, He is still without a proven #2 go to guy.
4.Kobe won it last year. I've already been hearing players and the media saying "well hey, kobe won it last year so this year is lebron's turn. That is a terrible reason but... what ya gonna do.
5.The Nike/MJ factor. Ever since Jordan retired the nba, and America in general has been trying to annoint someone as the next Jordan. Many think lebron can be that guy, and that will unfortunately win him some votes.
Western Conference winner- LA Lakers in 5 over SA spurs
I think this series would be much more competitive if they were playing in the first or second round, but i just don't see the aging spurs being able to hang with the lakers' depth. Also have you seen popovich, I think he may have alzheimer's or some other terrible disease, which cannot bode well for the spurs. Anyways, Gasol and Odom did a number on Duncan when these two teams met last year in the playoffs, and Ginobili never plays well vs Kobe so if the spurs are going to have any chance its going to have to be Tony Parker, and i just havent seen him carry that team during an entire 7 game series.
Eastern Conference winner-Celtics in 7 over Cleveland
Lebron will be good to win 2 or 3 games on his own, but the Celtics just have too much talent. I am making this prediction based on KG being back and relatively healthy. If he is out i reserve the right to change my prediction. There is one fact crippling the cavs, one of the most well known NBA laws.... The White Guy Law, you can't win a championship with a white guy being your #1 or 2 go to guy. Ilgauskas is a decent enough player, but its just the law. Ask Karl Malone. The only way you can win with a white guy as your #2, get a time machine and go back to the 70's.
NBA Finals-Lakers in 7 over Boston
I think this series is coming down to one thing. Home court advantage, and the terrible 2/3/2 finals format. Right now it looks as if the Lakers are going to finish with the best record, and they own the tiebreak over boston by beating them twice this season. They key to this series is w/o a doubt Lamar Odom, he's going to have to play big at both ends of the court. Guarding KG and being a scoring factor for the lakers. For Boston, Rajon Rondo is going to have step up, Last year in the finals the lakers literally did not guard him and when he played well the celtics were able to win.
Should be a dynamite second half of the season.