Bargains for Baseball Fantasy Drafts-- 2009 Edition

Fantasy baseball drafts are taking place all over the nation, and whether you're interested in rotisserie leagues or head-to-head leagues, there are some bargains I will point out to you for the upcoming 2009 season. When looking for a bargain, you must be willing to take a chance. If "everyone" wants a player, hes not going to be a bargain. Hes going to go in the first few rounds for quite a bit o' cash. That being said, don't take stupid chances. Take calculated risks... Heres my bargain by position for the 2009 season.

C- Chris Ianetta of the Colorado Rockies... Had 18 homers last year and no one knows who he is. Expect 20+ this year at Coors.

1B- I would say Chris Davis of the TX Rangers, but his name is out there and he won't be a bargain. Look at Mike Jacobs, recently acquired by the KC Royals. Another guy without a sexy name, who will put up good power numbers.

2B- Jose Lopez of the Seattle Mariners. Improving every year at the plate. Could top 20 homers and 100 RBIs at the second base position.

SS- Look out for Alexei Ramirez of the ChiSox, if he sinks in drafts because of the Sophomore slump questions, then snag him. One of the best athletes in baseball, and eligible at 2B/SS/OF. I'm in doubt he will be a bargain in most leagues, so also take a look at Elvis Andrus of the TX Rangers. Slick fielder, with tons of upside. Should be able to pick him up late for cheap.

3b- Alex Gordon of the KC Royals. He has had sub-par, disappointing seasons since his rookie year. This could be the year he turns the corner. Scouts have said of late that he looks in good shape and like he could be on a mission.

DH- Hank Blalock of the TX Rangers. He will likely DH for the Rangers this year, mainly due to his injuries of the past years. He can hit and they want him in the lineup consistently.

OF- Cameron Maybin of the Florida Marlins. Heard it here first... NL ROY '09

OF- Nelson Cruz of the TX Rangers... Look at his Triple-A stats from '08. Dear God...

OF- Willy Taveras of the Cincinnati Reds. He will steal roughly 60 bases. Pick him up if you already have power and BA guys, but are in need of speed. He won't cost much and he will undoubtedly lead the NL in SBs.
SP- Jose Contreras of the ChiSox. He reportedly lost around 40 pounds, and his fastball looks like it has new life. No one expects him to succeed this year because of his inconsistencies and mental quirks... Could have a great year with the Sox this year. We all know he has the stuff...

RP- Kevin Gregg of the ChiCubs. Marmol has the better stuff in Chicago, but Gregg is going to end up closing there for a very solid team. Marmol has some of the best stuff in the MLB, but Gregg has the makeup of a closer. Marmol/Gregg will be an effective bullpen combo, and either could be solid fantasy pickups.

Remember, take calculated risks, look for players that are under the radar, but not necessarily the ones with sexy names... and never, NEVER draft a Texas Rangers pitcher...