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Stompy Gets Signed???

Reportedly the number one free agent of the NFL has already agreed to terms, three days before the Free Agency Period will begin. Lance Zierlein, a Houston area journalist, has broken the story (link here) that defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth will sign with the Washington Redskins. The former Titan/head-stomper joins a long list of Daniel Snyder's big free agent expenditures over the last few years.

Really Vikings? Really?!?

Also, Houston is going to go ahead and trade backup QB Sage Rosenfels to the Minnesota Vikings for a fourth round pick in the 2009 Draft. The Iowa State alum appears to be the starter for this team (can't be worse than the Tavaris Jackson/Gus Ferrote experiment of last year). My only question is, can Sage Rosenfels be the guy to turn the Vikings from a first round playoff loser to a Super Bowl contender? I'm just not seeing this working out...


far east honkey said...

You know you've hit rock bottom as an NFL team when your turning to a man who used to backup david carr